Gridsz Service

Handle maintenance and service interruptions with this smart system that can bundle related incidents.
Manage your entire service process and reduce costs with everything in one place
Incident notification & bundling of multiple related tickets
Incident type codes for reporting & analysis
SLAs for tickets and tasks
Automated NOC routing

The most efficient way to manage incidents

The Service module lets you handle every aspect of network service interruptions and communicate directly with your customers, all on the Gridsz Platform.

This smart system doesn’t just track incident reports. It can also bundle reports from the same area and close all related tickets simultaneously once the issue is resolved. Manage single incidents or large-scale issues, perform proactive monitoring, and schedule service technicians all within this one single software system.

Extended service functionality

With the Service module, you can manage maintenance and repairs to your network and handle disruptions and incidents quickly and efficiently, all while keeping everyone informed in real time.

Assigning reported incidents to available technicians is simple and photo evidence of before and after situations can be uploaded directly into incident files. Incident type codes let you analyze reported incidents so that you can take preventative measures for recurring issues.

Why customers choose Gridsz

Bart van der Pol

Open Dutch Fiber

“As a passive network operator Gridsz will enable us to more apply steer our business.”

Jop van Veen

BAM Telecom

Cost and time savings by working more efficiently. Especially for the mechanics, working with one platform is easier

Let’s make your network management easier!

Let our industry experts show you how the Gridsz Platform can make your telco network resource management tasks faster, easier and more efficient. With our years of telco experience, we understand your network management challenges. We’d love to share our solutions!

Vereena Schoonen

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