We’re changing the future
of telco network management

Our solid foundation

2 companies, 100+ resources, extensive knowledge and experience from decades in the telco market. Speer IT & Infodation have both been providing partners & clients with advice and primary process-supporting software solutions for years.

Vision & Mission

Our vision lies in new developments and changing customer needs mean we are always adding new functionality to our software. That is the reason behind our choice for a completely modular system, so that our customers consistently have the best options for insights and access to manage their assets, connections, resources, and workflows.

Our goal is to give our customer the network management tools that make their work easier, both now and in the future.

Meet our team

Infodation and Speer IT have come together to create the Gridsz Platform. Get to know some of our team members below.






Let’s make your network management easier!

Let our industry experts show you how the Gridsz Platform can make your telco network resource management tasks faster, easier and more efficient. With our years of telco experience, we understand your network management challenges. We’d love to share our solutions!

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