Gridsz Build

Real-time insight into the construction phase of your network for a faster time to market with every connection status continuously synchronized across your resource management system.
Monitor rollout milestones and KPIs
Real-time, accurate updates of connection status and availability
Progress monitoring at multiple levels from PoP to commercial areas
Faster T2M with orderability during the build

Market it as you build it

Build is a software module that enables you as a network owner to manage and steer your network rollout process. Every step in the construction phase, from requesting permits to completed connections, can be accurately tracked with full visibility into every single connection point.

During the rollout, your network data in Build is automatically and simultaneously synchronized with the other Gridsz modules that you use (or via API with your own systems). This makes every planned connection immediately visible to your active operators and providers and they can already order connections as they become available during the construction phase.

Project and data under control

Build has extensive aggregation capabilities to maximize visibility into the network rollout. You can filter data in multiple ways, from a single connection or individual PoP to entire high-rise buildings or even an expansive commercial area. Filter along different cross-sections to facilitate progress monitoring for either the entire construction phase or individual sub-processes.

Build’s precise automation of data flow and validation processes during the construction phase also means that you, the network owner, are assured of an optimal quality of data for every connection in your network. You can relax knowing that the final network data will be complete and accurate when it is ready to be delivered for the management phase.

Why customers choose Gridsz

Bart van der Pol

Open Dutch Fiber

“As a passive network operator Gridsz will enable us to more apply steer our business.”

Jop van Veen

BAM Telecom

Cost and time savings by working more efficiently. Especially for the mechanics, working with one platform is easier

Let’s make your network management easier!

Let our industry experts show you how the Gridsz Platform can make your telco network resource management tasks faster, easier and more efficient. With our years of telco experience, we understand your network management challenges. We’d love to share our solutions!

Vereena Schoonen

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