With one central platform for BAM and its clients, information is available to all parties involved faster, in real time and without any noise on the line. With shorter lead times - a unique proposition in their market - as a result!
Partnership BAM and Gridsz with Jop van Veen and Vereena Schoonen
Partnership BAM and Gridsz with Jop van Veen and Vereena Schoonen

BAM Telecom now live with GRIDSZ.Contractor

BAM Telecom is among the top players in the market when it comes to constructing telecommunications networks. Jop van Veen, Manager Business Excellence at BAM Telecom says: “BAM Telecom has 5 product-market combinations. Every day we connect hundreds of homes to fiber optics (FTTH) and create fiber optic networks for the business market (FTTO). With Telematics, we supply and install data cabling for new construction projects, existing office environments, public spaces and production environments. With HFC (coax networks) we realize, upgrade, reconstruct and solve failures for end users. And with Services, we maintain and manage all these networks for our clients. Some 1,200 colleagues are active for this every day.”

What was the deciding factor in choosing Gridsz Contractor?

“Developments are moving fast, which is why we are expanding our service organization considerably. To streamline our activities even better, we started looking for field service management software for the (asset)management phase that would suit all parties involved. We have been working for years with the organizations behind Gridsz, Speer IT and Infodation. Gridsz fits seamlessly with the work we do with the service organization. At the same time, it is a logical choice, since our clients also work with the platform Gridsz.

We work with our clients and chain partners on one platform. When we work with a central system you have the great advantage of a fast and real-time exchange of data. Although they are separate environments, this allows us to jointly monitor our work processes our clients and end users.

Before this, we were working with different systems that is less efficient, less fast, and more error-prone. Also for the mechanics on site. They have to get their information from various systems, receive or log off in different ways, and process it again in different systems. That is time-consuming and cumbersome. Soon that will be done through the same platform. The most important thing for us is that in our projects, in addition to saving time and costs, we will be able to work much more efficiently and respond faster if a solution is required,” van Veen explains BAM’s choice.

How will Gridsz Contractor support you in your daily work?

Van Veen: “Gridsz Contractor is made up of different functionalities that form the main tasks of our work for us. Like construction/work preparation, engineering, civil work, house connections, DP construction, overhaul, and patching.

So when a ticket from one of our clients comes in from Gridsz, such an order consists of one or more of these main tasks.

Suppose an order comes in for a customer who wants a new home to be connected, we perform the construction, engineering and civil work before we realize the house connection.

In case of an outage, we only need to do the revision or patching, for example. Thus, each job from Gridsz Contractor gets specific main tasks belonging to that job.

All information about what we do for these assignments is immediately registered and processed. In this way, our client immediately has a complete and real-time insight into the status of the project and can also provide immediate feedback to the end user. Something that is crucial for the client. If parties work separately with their own systems, the systems are updated once in a while so there is always a delay. This way we can serve the end user better from the whole chain.”

What are the expected benefits the new platform will bring you?

“A number of benefits have already passed the review but if I had to summarize it, it mainly revolves around:

  • Cost and time savings by working more efficiently. Especially for the mechanics, working with one platform is easier.
  • Realizing a reduced lead time, creating a unique proposition for us.
  • Real-time availability of data. The customer can see for himself how things are going, and what is going on and therefore has an up-to-date status overview at all times without noise and delay in communication.
  • The holistic insight during all stages of the job, construction, breakdown, etc. also improves communication with the end user, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction for the client.

In short, we are very close to the ball with each other and therefore there is more peace in the whole chain.” concludes Van Veen.

How would you characterize the cooperation so far?

“We see the cooperation as a real partnership. We know each other well. But in this case it is of course a new chapter that we are stepping into together. Then you always have to get used to each other. We do seek each other out and we engage in good conversations to always ensure that both parties can get the best out of it with an eye on, “How can we best serve our client?”

What does the future of Gridsz look like to you?

“What I think is really important is that Gridsz becomes a market standard. We are now live with Contractor but how great would it be if this soon becomes the standard for all contractors. And that they also start working with it. Then we will all benefit from the economies of scale and future expansion.

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