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 Gridsz is the industry standard for operating and managing every aspect of your physical telco network. It is a fully integrated, modular and multi-level SaaS platform specifically designed to simplify and automate even the most complex commercial and administrative fiber optic network management tasks. The processes Gridsz automates are aligned with the eTOM Business Process Framework for the telco industry and our software conforms to the PSR standards, as well as offering easy API-integrations.
Work with operators and contractors with no delays
No complicated communications
No cumbersome data exchanges
Continuous, real-time view on everything in your network

Let Gridsz simplify your network resource management.

Our powerful Gridsz Platform was created for just one single purpose: to simplify the complexities of telco network resource management. Gridsz provides software and integrations for network owners to do everything from following each step of the rollout process (Build) to making connections available for ordering (Availability) to processing tickets for orders (Fulfillment), maintenance and incidents (Service).

The Gridsz modules support every network resource management activity based on the eTOM Business Process Framework, streamlining complex tasks and automating high-frequency and error-prone actions.  The real-time status updates integrated throughout every module on the platform and available through easy API allow everyone in the chain to operate completely in synch and always with the latest information.

Work closely with active operators and telco contractors with no delays, no complicated communications, no cumbersome data exchanges. (In fact, we even have a full workflow management module for your contractors!) [link hierbij?] And you get a continuous, real-time view to everything that happens on your network.

Gridsz does whatever it takes to make telco network resource management faster and easier!

Let’s make your network management easier!

Let our industry experts show you how the Gridsz Platform can make your telco network resource management tasks faster, easier and more efficient. With our years of telco experience, we understand your network management challenges. We’d love to share our solutions!

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