Since its initial development phase, GRIDSZ, our subsidiary joint venture with Infodation, has added so much functionality into its new fiber optics network administration platform and onboarded so many new customers that we felt it was time to do the same in-depth pen testing that we subject our Cocon asset registration system to each year. At Speer IT, we are deeply committed to excellence in information security for our fiber optics customers, so we couldn’t be prouder that GRIDSZ has come through its very first pen test with flying colours!

Outside-in penetration test

To test the integrity of the GRIDSZ network against cyber-attacks employing hacking or ransomware, these ethical hacking penetration tests, or pen tests, attempted to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by anonymous threat actors to interfere with user accounts and gain access to information on the platform. The pen tests were performed by an independent information security organization during an entire week in January of this year.

GRIDSZ pen test results: above average security

The results of these independently simulated outside-in attacks were even better than expected: ZERO vulnerabilities with medium business impact or higher! The pen test found only minor issues classified as having little or no business impact. Still, the team took all the report recommendations seriously and immediately worked to rectify every issue uncovered by the tests.

And they succeeded! All the improvements were soon rolled out and when the software was retested two months later, the GRIDSZ platform was given a security rating of above average.

Our commitment to information security

We at Speer IT are, of course, very happy to report that our subsidiary GRIDSZ clearly has the same serious commitment to information security in its DNA as we do. And we are most proud of the team of software experts who were able to build a brand new platform of such high quality in a short timeframe. For the GRIDSZ platform to have already achieved such a high level of excellence is proof that we have the right professionals behind it.

A reliable platform for managing fiber optic networks

GRIDSZ is our joint venture with software development company Infodation that provides the tooling to automate the process of managing fiber optics networks. The platform was built to manage each level of that network, from the passive network of cables, through the active network of data moving back and forth, to the subscription and wholesale services to end-customers.

By its very nature, a fiber optics network means registering and managing the details of, and providing data services to, the connections and data access points for millions of households and businesses, and millions more are being added as we speak. While each demand point might not be very complex individually, the sheer number of actions required to manage large networks is time-consuming, not to mention that the ripple effect of a single error can be very costly.

It is exactly these kinds of high frequency and low complexity activities requiring high levels of speed and accuracy that the GRIDSZ software has been created to handle. The GRIDSZ platform offers various modules that can provide availability checks and demand point aggregation, construction workflow for network expansion, task management, sales quotes and product pricing, service and incident management, and billing with links to financial software.

And now, thanks to the results of its very first independent pen testing, we can proudly say that the GRIDSZ platform provides customers with data security that goes above and beyond!

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