Together with BAM, we are now working hard to develop a module in which telecom contractors can manage their own workflows and share direct – real-time – updates from and to network owners and active operators. In this way, Gridsz is building a platform that is market standard for fast and accurate communication between operators and contractors.

With Contractor, tasks such as ordering materials, applying for permits, civil works, etc., can be automatically generated and all managed in one place. Task lists can be customized and created at different levels, from contractor to mechanic, and including checklists, history and comments. The status of tasks can be seen at a glance thanks to the different colors. In addition, the complete administration, from prices and material costs to SLA and OLA, can soon be kept in Gridsz.

Because Contractor is linked to the Fulfilment module (formerly Task) where network owners and active operators manage their workflows, communication about tasks and statuses of connections and failures is direct and is updated in real-time, and is therefore without risk of incorrect information and miscommunication. This without having to build the communication links for the software between the parties first. The correct information is always available to everyone and there is immediate clarity on what needs to be done, saving everyone a lot of time and money.


Gridsz is the SaaS platform developed together by Speer IT and software developer Infodation specifically for telecom to manage all administrative processes easily, quickly and error-free in one place. All the information you need, all the tasks that need to be carried out, and all this updated in real time for and by all parties. Well-known companies in telecom are already using the Gridsz platform, such as Delta Fiber, T-Mobile, Citius Fiber, Open Dutch Fiber, Fiberklaar, CAI Harderwijk, and Wauwau.

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