Baarn, 2 November 2021 – Open Dutch Fiber chooses Cocon. The new player on the Fiber to the Home market will work with the software of Speer IT from Baarn, because of its good track record. COCON is the market leading asset registration system for fiber networks. GRIDSZ was recently launched on the Dutch market by the joint venture of Speer IT and Infodation. The platform supports the administrative processes surrounding the construction of fiber-optic networks.


Open Dutch Fiber will be using GRIDSZ, which supports the administrative processes surrounding the construction, delivery and sale of fiber optic networks. This platform, recently launched by Speer IT and Infodation, is fully integrated with COCON. It is a central platform that connects providers in the field of construction, management and services of fiber-optic networks.

Floris van den Broek, CEO of Open Dutch Fiber: “Because we prioritize the service to the end user on our networks, we also choose the GRIDSZ platform. For example, we can easily connect with all possible providers who wish to provide services on our open network.


The use of COCON ensures the correct, complete and unambiguous registration of networks. The smallest details remain transparent to Open Dutch Fiber. In this way COCON supports the entire process of planning, documentation, construction, faults and capacity.

Floris van den Broek, CEO of Open Dutch Fiber: “The value of our fiber networks depends on the accurate, complete and up-to-date registration of all components in our networks. We choose COCON because of its very good track record.”


Open Dutch Fiber is accelerating the digitalization of the Netherlands by connecting one million homes to its fiber-optic network within the next five years. Open Dutch Fiber is focusing primarily on urban areas that have been lagging behind. Work is currently underway on the laying of optical fiber in cities including Utrecht, Haarlem, Ridderkerk and Zoetermeer. With T-Mobile as its first partner for the supply of services, the need for affordable fast and stable internet can be met.

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